When we hear the word Guru, we see a man deep in thought, sitting somewhere far, on a big rock, proud, calm and distant through his unattainable wisdom.. 

You on the other hand are one of the most relaxed, outgoing and joyous people I have ever met. You are definitely holding the key to happiness. Can you share the secret? 🙂

Happiness in life comes with contentment. It doesn’t make any difference if you are a monk or a house-holder – it is the same for all. The role of a Guru is to always remind you or make you aware of the real purpose of life’s journey. Guru always guides and dispels our darkness and ignorance of life. In Sanskrit literature GU means darkness and RU means removal. When darkness is removed from life, then happiness appears.

Let me give you an example: when you enter your home, first thing you do is you switch on the light to dispel the darkness in the room. If room is disorganized, we will immediately start to rearrange the room, try to organize it in a proper way. You cannot organize your room in darkness. So similarly, the role of a Guru is to illuminate the inner aspects of our personality for organizing the life’s journey. Once life is organized, the happiness spreads in each and every moment of it.

Many believe that the root of all suffering is attachment. Would you agree?

Once you get to understand the secret of life, you are freeing yourself from desires and attachment but I always say to my students: maintain your social position and perform all of your duties with love and sincerity.

How can we keep healthy and well balanced relationships with the ones we hold dearest and not be hurt by it? Not fall into the trap of hurtful attachment?

Don’t try to find the negative in others, rather explore the strengths and positive qualities of all the people around you. Also try to take a step back and allow yourself to see the bigger picture. People will come and go. When they arrive at their destination in life’s journey, they will say good bye. Same way will be when you reach your destination, you will then say good bye to the others. Be aware and smart in every phase of your life.

For a healthy relationship you should always keep a constant positive communication. Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no love. Without trust there is no reason to continue the relationship. So it is always best to work on love, faith, communication and respect for one another.

What about the money? We are told that money does not bring happiness but the battle between those who believe it and the ones who root against this concept is still strong. What is your outlook on this?

Money can’t be the ultimate source of happiness, but it is an essential part of our existence. We need it to survive and for this reason money has an important role to play. But always make sure the money that flows in, is in line with spiritual values. What I mean by it is make sure that you earn your money in a positive way. Money and duties must be in moral alignment for the betterment of life.

Money must also bring satisfaction to your soul, this satisfaction however will differ from individual to individual. It has to be well spent and enjoyed by the most in the family or community. I always wonder greatly upon what will be the best way for me to spend the money I have.

An important part of finding one’s happiness is finding one’s purpose in life. What would your advice be to all the young people who are lacking their purpose and do not know where to turn to in order to find it?

Happiness does of course come with purpose. If purpose of life is achieved, then ultimate happiness appears in the individual’s life. I would advise young people to be healthy, smart, to stay creative, and know their strength. Use that strength to be skillful and earn money with hard work. Do not ever think about earning the money in a shortest way possible.

Many believe that the key to happiness is enjoying the little, simple things in life. What are the small, every-day life pleasures that make you most happy?

My source of happiness is regular practice of yoga sadhana and outcome of this sadhana gives me a positive attitude for the day.  My Guru has given me a challenge for me to be happy in all of life’s situations, to remain in a positive state even when facing negativity and trouble. This is not an easy challenge, a negative situation often times keeps us away from positivity and we act on fully, filled with negativity.

The pattern of thinking should always be progressive. The qualities which are keeping us in our human form and well are compassion and love. 

Guru Rajeshji

What is Karma Yoga and what is its role in finding/ creating happiness?

Action without the expectation of a reward or without the aspect of attachment is what liberates you from suffering. And this is what is Karma Yoga – action free from all kinds of expectations.

If you were to name one obstacle in life, one pattern of thinking that is most destructive on our mission to finding happiness, what would it be?

The most powerful obstacle is general negativity. The pattern of thinking should always be progressive. The qualities which are keeping us in our human form and well are compassion and love. 

If you were to advise one single asana to someone to cheer them up, which asana would it be?

Sit in front of the mirror and practice simhagarjanasana (lion roaring pose) 🙂

Any last minute advice? 😉

Stay optimistic in life, challenges will always remain so just try to find out the solution to every difficulty that comes your way. Stay smart, cheerful and vibrant, be full of joy. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and needs. Work on your weaknesses, try to transform them into positive strengths, all else will follow.


Rozmawiała: Anna Schreckenberg