Although advanced tantric practices do require a fair amount of practice and training, anyone can do simple tantra – tantra is transformation and expansion of energy, emotion, and consciousness, including powerful human drives like, sex, breath, and hunger.

The following is a simple 3-minute tantric exercise appropriate for anyone…


1. Close your eyes and notice your current mental and emotional state – good or bad, up or down.

2. Then start instantly remembering any moment, memory, feeling, image, sound, or smell, that makes you feel profoundly good… happy… even makes you laugh…

3. Remain in that feeling and allow it to intensify until you can feel it throughout your body. Feel yourself smiling, and your eyes twinkling.

4. Now think of a loving, happy moment – anything that gives you a warm, wonderful feeling in the center of your chest. Feel it and remain in it.

5. Let go of the memory and keep the feeling. Remain in the feeling. Even amplify it. That “warm fuzzy” feeling in your chest is caused by your thymus gland, which sits at the left side of your chest above your physical heart.

Notice how you feel…

6. Repeat the exercise several times daily to strengthen those positive neural networks, and you’ll feel so much better, so much faster!

Transforming, isn’t it? The thymus hormones not only give you that warm fuzzy feeling, but they also dissolve cortisol (the “stress” hormone released by your adrenals). Cortisol damages your organs in long-term exposure, and can kill – thymus hormones cause the body to destroy cortisol and relax again!

You’ve just performed an instant tantric “de-stress,” using nothing but your own “mind” – your nervous and endocrine systems… and the good news is, the more you stimulate the good feelings, the easier it is for your body to have more.

Modern science shows that your body builds new “neural networks” just to channel the peptides bringing you those good feelings!

A hint: try this exercise with feelings of happiness, of deep love or gratitude, with pleasant excitement, with reverence or awe, even with orgasmic bliss! Do one at a time at first – when they get easy and powerful, then try blending them!

Smile, Breathe Deeply, and Keep Your Tongue Up!